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Email: secondsight1@outlook.com

My absolute love for Photography started as a young mother in my 20's after the lose of my left eye to cancer. Some may say it was a tragic life altering event losing part of your precious sight,  but I soon discovered it was a blessing in disguise. A chance to survive cancer and see the world, places and people in a whole new way. A new chance and perspective on life.


My photography is my "Second Sight". Through the camera lens I bring my unique one eyed photography style and capture your special moments no matter what the occasion. 

I believe photography is an art that captures expressions through space and time. My philosophy is simple:

Work together with clients and their family to create amazing portraits in a relaxed, fun and artful way and never forget to see all the beauty around you in this life.


I love what I do and it is reflected in my photography style. It would be an honor to work with you, your family,  at any special celebration or event to capture those meaningful moment and turn them into beautiful portrait photography that can be cherish for a lifetime. 

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